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Illusion of darkness and fire by Audrey Dutroux

Day 1:
Basics and cosmetic:


She looks to be in her mid 20’s and will for some time. Her species ages very quickly until their mid 20’s to early 30’s and then suddenly tapper off in aging.

Date of Birth?

She’s not sure. Her mother knows that it was roughly in the middle of the fourth month of the year.

Hair color?

Stark white hair with pale pink stripes. Her species all have varying shades of white hair with colored stripes depending on which element(s) they can control. Her pink stripes denote that she can control all of the elements.

Eye color?

A light pink that matches her hair color.

Skin color/nationality?


Accent (if any)?

She has the same accent that everyone else native to her area has. Which is to say that she doesn’t really have one.


Just under five feet, but she will float several inches above the ground if she’s having a conversation with someone much taller than her.


94 lbs. Very petite.


She has what appears to be the tattoo of a simple bracelet on her right wrist.


Only her ears, and only after much prodding from a younger sibling. She hardly ever wears any earrings and when she does they are usually small.






At one point she had lots of them across her face and upper chest, but they were fixed.

Do they have any nicknames? Where did they come from?

‘Jay’, but the only person who gets away with calling her that is her twin brother.

Day 2:
How do they usually dress? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear jewelry?

Her clothing style has changed drastically over the years. Being able to create her own clothing instantaneously allowed her wear a wide variety of clothes. She is nearly always wearing a dress, and usually something conservative. Though, after getting married her clothing was frequently less conservative when she was around her husband.

What do they wear to sleep?

Currently she frequently falls asleep in whatever she was wearing for the day since she’s been running herself ragged taking care of a toddler who doesn’t ever sleep.

 Do they wear jewelry?

She’s permanently stuck with a bracelet around her right wrist that has molded itself against her skin and now looks more like a tattoo. She rarely trusts jewelry that she did not create herself and therefore rarely wears any. However, she still wears her sapphire wedding ring.

Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?

She’s self conscious about how young she looks and would generally prefer to look more mature.

How would they look as the opposite sex?

Her hair would be white and grey/black and she would have light to dark grey eyes.

What do they smell like? Why (do they wear the scent or does it occur naturally)?

She often smells like fresh air since she’s frequently manipulating it around herself.

Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)?

Jayden has a rather poor self image of her own appearance, which comes from spending most of her time around very beautiful people. She does not accept compliments about her appearance well.

Day 4:
Favorites and habits:

What are some of your character’s hobbies?

Jayden loves to build. She loves to create structures of any kind, the bigger the better.  She loves to use her abilities to create things for others.

What do they do with their time?

Currently she spends most of her time taking care of her toddler son.

Favorite color?

Purple. Any shade of purple.

Political stance? Are they active in politics or do they not care?

Jayden is next in the line of succession for the throne in her kingdom. She has been inactive in the politics of her kingdom for quite some time, but will likely be more active soon.

What are some of their pet peeves?

Being given orders. She is cursed to obey any command given to her, and it gets on her last nerve when others order her around. She has become very good at finding loop holes in most orders.

It also gets on her nerves to be called ‘Jay’ by anyone other than her twin brother.

What sort of gifts do they like?

Jayden is rarely given gifts as she can create most anything herself. She does treasure her wedding ring as it is the only thing she has that she did not create for herself.

What is their favorite time of day? Favorite weather? Season?

She loves sunny afternoons in the summer. She can adjust her own body temperature based on the weather around her, so she does enjoy most seasons.

Where do they like to spend their time?

She spent the first several years of her life traveling the planet, but currently spends most of her time in town.

Favorite food? Favorite drink? Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol?

She does not eat normally since her body creates it’s own nutrients. However, if there is an anti-magic spell in place (or anything else that keeps her from being able to use her powers) she is a huge fan of strawberries and hot tea.

Favorite animal?

She’s half  anthro-tiger so she’d rather partial to tigers, but likes most cats in general.

Do they have any pets? Do they want any?

No, she feels that their lives are far too constantly uprooted to try and care for a pet.

What relaxes them?

Being in water is very relaxing for her. However, she usually just tries to suppress most anxiety rather than actually finding relaxing things to do.

Do they have any bad habits?

She is very quick to lose her temper with people who loose theirs first.

Day 5:
Resources and abilities:
Where did they learn their abilities?

She was born with her full abilities and learned more control as she got older. As a child she had the ability to create sensations in the nervous systems of others, but she grew out of the ability. This was primarily something she used to cause pain in others who displeased her, which is a considerable amount of the reason that an obedience curse was placed on her as a child.

If they have an income, where does it come from?

Well, she is a Princess and an heir to a kingdom…not to mention she can create precious metals from nothing…

Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers?

Being the heir to a throne? She likes it just fine. She’s….fine with her parents who are sort of her co-workers.

Day 7:
Where does your character live?

She primarily lives in Lakeside, but she technically also lives in her parent’s kingdom. She now lives in the house that she and her late husband lived in together.

Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it?

She chose it on a whim when she was rather displeased. She had just found that her husband had a child with another woman after the two of them were together. She literally picked out the first house she saw in town, and told him she was living there and that was that.

How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)?

With half of the people she knows having the ability to teleport at will, ‘intruders’ are very common. However, after being killed once by a so called lost traveler she has been more wary of strangers who show up at the door. Then again, she ended up married to the person who killed her so…yeah there’s that.

 Describe the space.

A two story three bedroom house. The downstairs has the kitchen, large living room, and master bedroom. One of the upstairs bedrooms is decorated for an infant boy and looks like a jungle scene. The second upstairs bedroom is decorated for a teenage girl, but looks as though it is rarely, if ever, used.  The furniture in the living room is all white with shades of light blue.

Day 8:
What are some of your character’s more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)?

Jayden has been known to volunteer herself as a trade for people who have been kidnapped.  She feels that she has a good system, generally, for burying things and would rather deal with something harsh than to see someone she cares about deal with it.  She’s loyal to her friends and family, but does not always express that well to them.

Jayden is very self conscious about her physicality as well as her personality. When she was younger she was more outgoing, but has become more quiet and shy as she has gotten older.  Her personality was much more open and malleable when she was with her husband. After his death she has gone back to shutting down most of the time.

When Jayden does completely loose her temper she can turn violent and cruel. When the Sha (an evil force that basically brought out the worst emotions in people) took over their town she got into an argument with her husband, which she quickly escalated where she ended up drowning him.

How did they develop?

Jayden’s temper primarily developed because she feels like she has little to no control in her life. She was also raised by parents who were very young, and hardly more than children themselves.  

Jayden was never self conscious of herself physically until after discovered that her husband was sleeping with other women. After that she didn’t have the same self confidence she’d had before.

 How has this helped or hindered them in the past?

Her ability to find loopholes in commands has gotten her out of many direct orders from others. 

Her temper has resulted in the emotional distance between herself and her first child, and her murdering her husband…which resulted in emotional distance with her second daughter and step-daughter.

Day 10:
Relationships and history:
What is their family history like?

Jayden’s parents had her, and all of her siblings, when they were very young. As a result, she did not have reliable parents that she could count on to care for her. Her parents actually pushed her into sleeping with a boy that she liked, which ended up resulting in her first child…

She was close with her twin brother when they were young, but he has been mostly absent from her adult life. She has a similar relationship with her youngest sister and her other brother. She is closer with her younger sister, Nikki.

Her mother’s side of the family are member of a tribe of elementals and her father’s family are the royal family of a kingdom that was once entirely anthro-tigers but has a more diverse population now.

How does it affect them? How do they feel about their family? How does their family feel about them?

Jayden does not have a particularly close bond with her family. She loves her family members, but has no problem disagreeing with them. Her family does not have a particularly close bond with her either.

Day 11:
What were they like as a child?

Jayden was something of a wild child. She was more powerful than many of the adults around her and, as a result, she felt that she could do anything she felt like doing.  After having an obedience curse placed on her she calmed herself down considerably.

 What was their favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates?

Jayden createdmost of her own play things and she primarily played with her twin brother.

What did they want to be when they grew up?

When Jayden was very younger she was named heir so she’s had no other expectations for her life.

Day 15:
Who is their closest friend, and why?

Her closest friend, besides her husband, was Mai, but she is largely absent now.

 What do they like to do with this person?

They generally only hung around with one another, but Mai is now frequently absent from town.

Do they have any rivals? Who and why?

Her biggest ‘rival’ was Dech for some time. After getting away from him the first time he went after her friends and she felt helpless to do anything about it.

After marrying Dech, the closest thing she had to a rival was Malystrics, who was the very pretty woman having an affair with her husband.

Have they ever been betrayed? By who, and how did it affect them?

The father of her first child took their child and ran off with her. Her husband was seeing other people after they were married.

She never quite got her self confidence back.

Day 16:
Sex and Romance:
What is their sexual orientation? Do they ever question it?

She’s primarily attracted to men, but has had sex with another woman who had kidnapped her.

When did they lose their virginity? Who to? Where? What was it like?

She lost her virginity to Ronan when she was roughly 16 year old. They were generally awkward around one another and ended up being trapped in a box, by her parents who thought it would be funny, until they finally had sex.

What is their favorite sexual fantasy?

Jayden mostly just enjoyed managing to surprise Dech, and was otherwise very malleable to anything he came up with.


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